New peugeot 3008 review 2019 UK

new peugeot 3008 review 2019 UK

new peugeot 3008 review 2019 UK

New peugeot 3008 review 2019 UK


Here’s Peugeot’s second era of the family hybrid. With the benefit of knowing the past, Peugeot fixed what was wrong with the first 3008. The right one was also created. The improved continues to the group’s most up-to-date stage, so it’s light, solid and has a longer wheelbase to improve range. Ok, in fact, scale-what was wrong with the earlier one was the guppy look overloaded by the old French MPV fixation. Peugeot understood that the improved hybrid car should resemble a suitable hybrid SUV, regardless of whether they are FWD vehicles. In addition, the organization has put an enormous task into an astonishing, innovative innovation


Top engine is a 2.0-litre diesel. It has an expansive torque band, but is a bit blunt. The big retailer will be the 1.6 diesel manual, low carbon and immaculately class-oriented. There are two petrol engines, a reasonably enthusiastic if blunt 1.6, and a 130bhp three-barrel 1.2 petrol. Don’t try to dislodge the little one. Lighter than the diesel engines, it’s quieter, busier and sweeter, if not in the slightest fast.

In curves, the guide is pleasantly adjusted, the whole thing feels willing without compromising liveliness. The cushioning monitors things without keeping the body awkward. Cruises will attach more importance to family buyers and it will be tracked directly, regardless of whether the small steering wheel may have tricked you into expecting skittish. In uneven terrain, it is only FWD, but this is supported by sensitive springs and above-average ground space.

new peugeot 3008 review 2019 UK


Due to the softly sprung feathers and the all-round felled assessment of the dampers, this is a sensitive SUV. All-round shaped seats cater for drivers and partners. At the back, the place isn’t so incredible-the discretionary roof spasms of glass roof splits the head space, and if the general population in the front part doesn’t increase their seat notes, you can’t put your feet underneath.

The main draw is the changed stroke and control format. The materials are well crafted and elegant, the states of the stroke and comfort are not funny. It includes two configurable screens, one for the driver’s instruments and the other for navigation and entertainment. Their activity is smooth and legitimate, and their designs are clean. All renditions have phone reflection.

new peugeot 3008 review 2019 UK


In this class of vehicle, a lot of people drive diesel, and the Peugeot has a decent decision. Be that as it may, we remember the importance of benzene in case you hold down your miles. Tick the containers and the 3008 features the entire popular Bingo range of state-of-the-art drivers. Some of it reduces protection premiums. In addition, the additional showroom intrigue of the new 3008 compared to the old one should hold the residue. A 4WD PHEV version will be released in one year.

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