Review Lamborghini Aventador S 2019

Review Lamborghini Aventador S 2019


Review Lamborghini Aventador S 2019

It’s been almost six years since Lamborghini introduced the Aventador to replace the Murcielago. Six years and although we had a hot one (SV) and one with cutable roof panels (the Roadster), the LP700-4 is otherwise a soldier, while the supercar market has always made itself unrecognizable. The Holy Trinity was and is over in pretty much the same time and McLaren has gone from a constant start to a three-model series with LT, Spider, and GTR-blimey.

What concerns Lamborghini? Well, of course the Huracan, plus SUV dithering and a few distracting one-offs like Egoista and Sesto Elemento. But Lamborghini can get away with it, because there’s nothing but the Aventador. It’s a supercar 101: Appearance, noise, power, drama. Don’t think about it, just do it. Pure pageant. Besides Lamborghini, everyone else takes themselves too seriously. With car companies, only Lamborghini seems to be having fun.

Sure, the details of the new Aventador S include all the usual material via new all-wheel steering systems, a 130 per cent improvement in front wheel downforce and an entirely new control unit to marshal the inputs of all active systems, but none of it doesn’t matter Like high-tech, the drama is overshadowed.

In short, this is how the Aventador S is designed. It still uses the same central carbon tub with aluminum subframe front and back. All four wheels are powered by a central haldex clutch. However, the engine has the same 6.5-litre suction motor V12 sucker, but valve control and variable intakes have been changed, resulting in a further 40bhp (and exactly 1lb ft more torque). Performance enhancement is also supported by an increased speed limiter (from 8,350rpm to 8,500rpm).

But as always, that’s what the Aventador looks like, which sets the tone for the car. It’s a cat dropper all right. Proportions haven’t changed much, but the nose taken from SV is more open and aggressive, directing the cooling air past fangs and splinters to the standard 400mm ceramic brakes. Air is also swept down from the flanks to the inlets-extra channels on the roof give the S a harder stand and, along with the rear bow shape, give some of the flavour of the old Countach-and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

The onboard weight is the same-the rear wheel steering mechanism added 6kg (and required a major redesign of the rear suspension), but a new exhaust system, rounded off by three pipes running in a triangle, saved 6kg so we all Square. Underneath are an active rear wing and eddy generators to maximize airflow and support brake cooling.


Review Lamborghini Aventador S 2019
This is not the Aventador we know and love mainly. The budding car was a massive thing, but it didn’t have the liveliest chassis. You knew it was a heavy car dominated by its engine, rather than something that wanted to dance to your tune. The S is a car converted. I would stop saying it’s downright playful, but the agility, the steering, the weight management, the integration of all systems … It’s a big, big step forward.

The focus is on the new 4WS system. All are adjusting these now, but Lamborghini appears to have pushed the system further. The rear wheel can be rotated by up to three degrees at low speed, so the Aventador has a wheelbase 500 mm shorter. Rarely did the car companies stand in an old position at a launch, but this was the case here, and by a slalom the difference was amazing-the S was much more mobile, you could feel both ends crashing out where the old car seemingly A anchor dragged behind it. At higher speeds, the rear wheels spin just like the fronts, making the wheelbase appear 700mm longer. Upward Goes Stability and Ascension Gives Trust.

On the racetrack, it also feels a lot more alert. Now, while the images you’re looking at show a beautiful, dry track, reality poured into rain and flooded corners. No matter which way you cut it or how many wheels you split between yourself, 730bhp is much to deal with in these conditions. Especially when the tire is spewed onto the tarmac with 255/30 ZR20 front tyres and a colossal 355/25 ZR21 tyre. Due to the rear wheel steering, Lambo developed a brand new P Zero compound for the car together with Pirelli.

So if the front wheel slipped off, I could turn the gas lever back and the car would tighten its line. It is surprisingly adjustable and weighs slightly (1.575kg is a dry weight-the actual weight of kerbweight is probably around 1700 kg).

This behavior changes depending on driving mode. On the track you can ignore Strada (road) because the switching operations are too slow and the engine is not sufficiently attentive. The sport is just right on a wet racetrack, the torque is up to 90 per cent backwards, while Corsa, which focuses on fast laps, can only align 80 per cent of eighth. In Corsa, you also have to deal with a pretty wild ride and a completely wild gear change. What’s new is the ego, which allows you to make your own settings for steering, suspension and powertrain. About time, too.

The Aventador S retains the seven-speed sequential manual transmission ISR. Lamborghini claims to have sharpened it and improved it, but compared to the latest dual couplings, it’s a dinosaur. While it’s lighter and easier to pack, the shifts are either noticeably slow or malevolent. Of course, you can take off to smooth them over, and you could argue that this is good character-building stuff.

The gear changes emphasize the wild excesses of the engine and impair its flow. This V12 … Oh my god.That’s going to go. It’s hypnotic, howls and drifts forward, making the car seem like an unstoppable force. You won’t notice the extra 40bhp. Lamborghini still claims the same sprint from 2.9 seconds to 62 miles per hour, and although it is reached in 24.2 seconds from 124 miles per hour in 8.8 seconds and 186 miles per hour, in reality it is no faster than a Ferrari 488 GTB or McLaren 570 S (we determined the 488 at 8.5 seconds to 124 miles per hour, the 570S at 8.6 seconds). But that’s not what it’s about. This V12 not only produces sounds or vibrations or accelerations, it has its own life force. The same can be said for Ferrari V12, so the Lambo is not unique, but God bless them for sticking with it. This is transcendental. The top end as the needles tower above 6,000rpm, and you know there are still 2,500rpm to enjoy … Oh my god.

It’s coming good out on the street. There’s a lot of road noise, the tyres can be distracted by curves and the like, and at slight openings the gas lever is crisp, but it succeeds and the steering doesn’t lose its way. But every Aventador you see frolicking around town is missing. The Aventador S is a car you really have fun with now-and not just for speeding.

I would have loved to have driven it in the dry. I think it could have contained understeering much better (although the difference in tyre widths from 255 to 355 is unusually large) and allowed the engine to really lean on the chassis and bring both to full effect.


Review Lamborghini Aventador S 2019

I’ve loved the most what I do when I get into a Lamborghini. I stick my little finger over the controlling hand with my hand on the roof. It’s about 4-5 inches. However, the windshield is about 4-5 meters deep. You look through a room basically. This makes it seem that the perceptibility is painful, but not terrible in undeniable reality. The task is small, the A pillars dip up and down and you see enough earth and sky to get by cheerfully.

Really, there’s a lot of metal and motor skills that act as a burden, while others may not be able to see through the slatted deck, but the view outside … Average is, really. The entrance mirrors are also sufficiently enthusiastic about the body. Be that as it may, this is a wide, wide vehicle and neither. The access is just so striking-the driveways swing upwards, you venture over the wide ledge and then sit deeper and deeper down until Levi’s cow skin touches in a seat that’s good. Lamborghini doesn’t have incredible pitches. Those in Aventador SV are essentially two clearing pieces. While these are better, they’re mounted too high, and you don’t legitimately snuggle into them, and the side reinforcements aren’t big enough to set you up.

The stroke format hasn’t changed much and the inside isn’t soothing either. However, they are adapting as we keep censoring Bentley for its mature infotainment frameworks with VW content in the Conti GT. Therefore, it is reasonable that you have a similar matter at Lambo. I puzzlingly remember seeing this scaffolding in an A4 about ten years ago. It really could have ended with a revival here, but I’m not going to put up with where Lambo spent his money-the driving knowledge is becoming more and more important. Plus, Apple CarPlay is the default. So when you plug in your phone, you no longer have to deal with the horrific illustrations.

Be that as it may, sitting in the Aventador S is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and apart from that, the driving position is exceptional. The wheel drives out of the dashboard, you disassemble the entrance to close it, look out through the opening, swipe the scattering upwards, catch, feel and hear this strong mammoth behind it, and life feels good here and there.

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